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To Our Customers

Re: Coronavirus Pandemic

In view of the increased government restrictions imposed, the Terrace Café will unfortunately have to remain closed until further notice in an effort to assist in containing the Corona Virus Pandemic and to preserve our business.

Looking forward to seeing you when we re-open, in the meantime please look after yourselves and stay safe.

Please note we are only accepting bookings from the current lockdown end date, which should be 3rd December.

Select items from the Buffet menu below.

Buffet MenusHIDE
Priced Per Head
Standard Business Lunch - 1x Round Sandwiches, A Selection Of Homemade Cakes, Prepared Seasonal Fruit£6.45
Sandwich Platters - A Selection Meat, Fish and Vegetarian Sandwiches in Granary, White and Wholemeal Bread£3.10
Filled Tortilla Wraps - Selection of Meat, Fish and Vegetarian Wraps, all Cut in Half£3.35
Dinner Rolls - Selection of Freshly Baked Small Rolls with Various Fillings on Granary, Brown, Wholemeal, White, Poppy and Sesame Seed Rolls (2 Per Portion)£2.75
Breakfast ItemsHIDE
Mini Croissants With Butter & Preserves (Minimum 10)£0.80
Mini Smoked Ham & Emmantal Cheese Croissants (Minimum 10)£1.50
Mini Swiss Emmantal & Tomato Croissants (Minimum 10)£1.35
Platter Of Freshly Baked Mini Danish Pastries, Pain Au Chocolate, Raspberry & Vanilla, Apple Strudels, Vanilla Pinwheels, Cherry Danish - (Serves 6-10 People)£10.45
Soft White Hot Bacon Rolls£2.75
Soft White Local Butchers Sausage Rolls£2.75
Salad BoxesHIDE
All Salads Served Tossed In Dressing & Supplied In Disposable Boxes With Disposable Cutlery
Chicken Caesar£5.50
Crayfish, Dolcelatte & Sundried Tomato Salad£5.50
Goats Cheese, Beetroot & Walnut Salad£5.50
Mozzarella Avocado & Cherry Tomato£5.50
Cakes & SweetsHIDE
A Homemade Cake Platter - All Our Homemade Mini Cakes, Pastries, Flapjacks & Slices£1.75
Carrot Cake & Brownies- Mini Squares of our Delicious Homemade Iced Carrot Cake & Chocolate Brownies£1.90
Fresh Fruit Platter£1.60
Homemade Cocktail Sausage Rolls £0.75
Homemade Veggie Pastrys£1.25
Kettle Crisp Packets£0.85
Salted Tortilla Chips£0.85
Yogurts - Muller Fruit Corners£0.75
Canapé ItemsHIDE
Minimum 10 Servings Overall
A Selection of Fresh Salad Vegetable Crudités With Hummus & Homemade Salsa£1.65
Avocado Tomato & Cream Cheese Crostini (2 Per Portion)£1.65
Goat’s Cheese Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Filo Tarts (2 Per Portion)£1.65
Homemade Breast of Chicken Goujons With Mango Mayonnaise£1.50
Homemade Falafels With Mint Yogurt (2 Per Portion)£1.65
Marinade Thai Chicken Kebabs With Peanut Satay Sauce£1.50
Mini Savoury Chive Scone Filled With Blue Cheese (2 Per Portion)£1.65
Mini Vegetable Samosa With Cucumber Riata Dip£0.95
Mini Yorkshire Pudding With Rare Beef & Horseradish£1.30
Mozzarella Pesto & Avocado & Tomato Brushetta (2 Per Portion)£1.65
Rare Mature Rump Steak Crostini With Mustard Mayonnaise£1.30
Smoked Salmon, Crème Fraiche & Fresh Chive Blinis (2 Per Portion)£1.65
Tandoori Chicken kebabs With Minted Yogurt£1.50
All Drinks Are Served With Disposable Cups Unless Glass Hire is Chosen
Apple Juice Carton (1 Litre, We Recommend 4 Servings Per Litre)£2.25
Orange Juice Carton (1 Litre, We Recommend 4 Servings Per Litre)£2.25
Sparkling Water (1 Litre Glass Bottles)£1.95
Still Water (1 Litre Glass Bottles)£1.95
Belvoir Elderflower Pressé (275ml Bottles)£1.75
Belvoir Lime & Lemon Grass Pressé (275ml Bottles)£1.75
Belvoir Pomegrante & Raspberry Pressé (275ml Bottles)£1.75
Fresh Filter Coffee (Minimum 8 Servings, Served in a Pump Flask)£1.65
Freshly Brewed Tea (Minimum 8 Servings, Served in a Pump Flask)£0.90
Frobisher's Apple Juice (200ml Bottle)£1.95
Frobisher's Cranberry Juice (200ml Bottle)£1.95
Frobisher's Orange Juice (200ml Bottle)£1.95
Total exc VAT: £0.00
Total inc VAT: £0.00

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